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From Our Founder


Often, we hear about the challenges we face, the obstacles put in our path, the difficulties we experience but we don’t often hear about the tools, approaches, attitudes, and ways in which we have overcome them.

The Strong Latina Project (TSLP) aims to harness the collective wisdom of our lived experiences and share how Strong Latinas have used their unique strengths and identity to thrive and overcome the difficulties encountered in their path.



The Strong Latina Playbook


Strong Latina Strengths Stories


Latina Changemakers Fellowship

Are you a Strong Latina?

We amplify and elevate the voices of Strong Latinas, and using the power of storytelling and role modeling, we inspire all Latinas to define their success and expand their knowledge and possibilities by using their identity as a deep source of strength.

One of our initiatives, The Strong Latina Interview, is a program that highlights strong Latinas’ journeys and how they have used their strengths to thrive.

A Strong Latina is one that is at a place in life where they have a sense of contentment and a desire to continue evolving with meaningful engagement with life. Regardless of their goals and career choices, they are living aligned to their values, and have a personal definition of success.

Strong Latinas have often overcome difficulties and put to the test their resilience and creativity, discovering they carry the desire to help others in their community in ways that are unique to them.

If you self-identify with the profile of a Strong Latina or know someone who defines herself as one, we invite you to share a little about yourself and be part of our interview program here.